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Gerry M. Kaye

     There is an insidious terror taking place in this nation against the most innocent that are alive with beating hearts among us, yet voiceless and unheard, except for the cries of pain and torture that cannot be heard except by GOD; and by those of us that can only imagine the horror.

    That is the killing of late term infants, known as the partial birth abortion procedure. In this procedure, while yet in the womb, a hole is drilled in the alive and feeling, imminently fully formed baby's head through which his or her brains are sucked out and removed, and the skull is crushed.

    The special interest groups that have put personal, self-serving "freedom" of choice above the discouragement of immorality and crime, have supported and promoted among others, the Clinton administration and without doubt have attributed to its former popularity. These groups are bent on maintaining their "rights", and refuse to acknowledge the above mentioned factual medical evidence of infanticide in the partial birth abortion procedure and the rights of these infants ( as detailed below.)

    To be sure, many candidates all around the nation use their support of abortion to lure the alliance and backing of these groups, so that abortional infanticide has become a convenient political tool used by many to gain position and power. This practice also assaults the Laws of GOD that inspired the Individual Protective Rights Laws that are found in THE CONSTITUTION, UNIVERSAL BILL OF RIGHTS, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, PROTECTIVE MEDICAL RIGHTS LAWS, and.THE CRIME LAWS of the land ( detailed below ); and is destructive to the very foundation of our nation.

Isaiah 45:22; Job 34:10, 11
Look to Me, and be Saved, all the ends of the Earth:
For I AM GOD, and there is none else.

... far be it from GOD that He should do wickedness ...

For the work of a man shall He Render to him,
and Cause every man to find according to his (her) ways.

     There was a Congressional Bill to ban the partial birth abortion procedure put before former President Clinton several times, and each time he refused to sign the ban. If he would have signed the ban, it would have made the procedure illegal, except to save the life of the mother, which would have saved the lives of countless infants that indiscriminately by it are tortured and killed.

    Yet, the former President made the choice each time not to ban the procedure, which maintained the support of the special interest groups that kept his political advantage with the misguided popular vote. This has been evident in the polls, wherein, too often, there is a preponderance of shallow concerns with much more about nasty, divisive, political partisanship, personal money matters and selfish expediency, than there are righteous, vital concerns about the inevitable consequences of immorality, shameless infanticide, and the corrosion of our Individual Protective Rights Laws: (Described below.)

    /People are necessarily concerned about money. They have bills to pay, children to raise, houses to maintain, parents to care for, etc. Busy and distracted by money matters, many do not take the time to analyze their choices and their grave consequences. Many do not realize that they are easy prey for them that gain political power through competitive, divisive party politics and the politicizing of such issues such as unconditional abortion that is an act of terror and infanticide against the innocent unborn.

    Citizens should also realize that through this abominable practice that is taking place, the Individual Protective Rights Laws are being violated and corroded; and the moral fiber which is the heart and soul of the nation is systematically being weakened.

    A nation that does not adhere to the Will and Laws of GOD is prone to fall to its own iniquity; as seen time and again throughout history. If this great nation's foundation continues to crumble by its iniquity, will the distractions that keep people from making the right choices personally and for their country, give people a country worth living in? Surely the distractions will give way to the baser problems that we witness throughout the world, where lawless tyranny and anarchy spread their soul-less murderous grip on humanity.

   Yet, this witnessing has already begun also in this nation. The partial birth abortion procedure is so barbarous and heinous an act, that it is conceivable that any nation that legalizes it, can view itself as civilized.

   All people should realize that those that support such practices and that seek to be our representatives do not have our best interests and those of the nation that they seek to serve, at heart. We need to begin to really discern in all of our choices, whether personal or at the polls.

Exodus 6:7; Isaiah 49:22
And I will Take you to me for a people,
... and you shall know that I AM The LORD
your GOD, Who Brings you out
from under the burdens of the oppressors.

Thus Declares The LORD GOD,
Behold, I will ... Set Up My Standard to the people...

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     Again, I am a pastor and an independent voter. These views are not partisan, but are truthful observations that are based on the High Standards from the Written Word of GOD, that I seek to Guide me in all that I do.

    It takes a caring, honest citizenry to raise, protect and maintain a nation. Let us no longer abandon our great country to harmful, self-serving priorities. Let us not forsake our children's and our children's children's privileges and legacy to the destruction of careless iniquities. Rather, let us choose what is legally, mercifully and morally decent and right for each and every one of us, including those of us that are newly arriving

    We can begin by saving our poor, innocent, tortured and killed late term infants that have pitifully been made an expedient political issue. Contact your state and federal representatives; elect pro life candidates and issues. Let them know that we the people are not distracted and uncaring, and that we want the changes made that will truly, lastingly, prosper us all; and cleanse us from the iniquity of the terror that we are imposing on so many unwelcomed children. Call your local County's Registrar's Office for contact information on your Representatives and to register to vote; or go online, ( See References on page 3.)

Ezra 9:9; Isaiah 28:18; Lamentations 5:2, 6
For we were bondsmen;
yet our GOD has not forsaken us in our bondage,
but has Extended Mercy to us ... to Give us a reviving,
to set up the House of our GOD, to repair the desolations ...

And your covenant with death shall be disabled,
and your agreement with hell shall not stand ...

Our Inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens.
We have given the hand to the oppressors, ...

     President Clinton gave his profound apology after his impeachment for what he "said or did" that had such chaotic consequences for all of us. He asked for forgiveness. But he continues to bear the heavy responsibility of the mass infanticide of the partial birth abortion procedure on himself, that he refused to ban. He should have done the right and good thing for the nation, its children and its future, and mercifully signed into law a ban on the partial birth abortion procedure, as a mark of true sincerity.

"When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that GOD Commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of GOD."  Noah Webster.
Zecharaiah 7:9; Malachi 3:17
Thus Declares The LORD... 
Execute true judgment, 
and show mercy and compassion,
every man to his brother.
He that governs ... must be just, 
ruling in the fear of GOD.

Photo: courtesy of U.N.

Matthew 18:5 And whoso shall receive
one such little child in My Name receives Me.

To all with child in the womb, 
you have life in you.
The womb's a temple, not a tomb, 
you have the light in you.
Let not abortion be your damnation.

His light, his life, cause to agree, 
you have responsibility.
Love him, (her,) don't be your baby's doom.

The child that is in your womb
belongs to GOD to Raise and grow up 
for His Purpose so he'll know, 
the Glory of eternal life 
in His Heavenly Father's Kingdom True. 
You have the light, the joy of life in you.

Isaiah 56:4 ...choose the things that Please Me, 
and take hold of My Covenant.



Deuteronomy 7:13 
And GOD will Love you, 
and Bless you, and Multiply you;
He will also Bless 
the fruit of your womb, 
and of your land,
your corn, your wine, 
your oil, the increase 
of your cattle,
your flocks, in the land which
He Swore to your fathers, 
to Give to you.

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Isaiah 44:2, Genesis 49:25; Is. 44:3 
Thus Says The LORD that Made you, and Formed you from the womb, 
which will Help you, ...
... with Blessings ... of the womb; ...
I will Pour My Spirit upon your seed, and My Blessing upon your offspring.


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"Making a Choice With Truth" (c) copyright 1995 by Gerry M. Kaye.