...POETRY.IN.MOTION.....For .Kids .Of .All .Ages
."Courage, Works and Hope"
Gerry M. Kaye
Jan. 31, 2008; 3:45 A. M. PT

The buzz-word is Truth,
Only Truth for a 'change.'
Let the buzz-word be Truth,
Never devious and strange.
Just, aboveboard, and fair,
With just Truth to declare,
Is surely a must
That will lead us to trust.
Genuine, frank and free,
Forthright sincerity,
Truth's integrity,
Told with pure honesty:
Truth, up-front and guileless, 
Outspoken and equitable.
Straightforward, unbiased,
Upright and unequivocal.
Unpretentious and impartial,
Never devious, wily-artful,
With false accusings, mean, sticky,
That seem envious and tricky.
Ingenuous and just,
With the Truth scrupulous,
Is always a must
That will lead us to trust.
Let the buzz-word be Truth,
Then we can be content,
To endorse and elect
A truly strong President!




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 .POETRY IN MOTION....For Kids Of All Ages
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