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Gerry M. Kaye

Exodus 6:7; Isaiah 49:22; Zech. 14:9; John 6:63; 17:21
And I will Take you to me for a people,
... and you shall know that I AM The LORD
your GOD, Who Brings you out
from under the burdens of the oppressors.

Thus Declares The LORD GOD,
Behold, I will...Set Up My Standard to the people...

And The LORD shall be KING over all the Earth;
in that day there shall be One LORD, and His Name ONE.

The Words that I Speak to you, They Are Spirit, and They Are Life.

That they all may be One; As You, Father, Art In Me, and I In You,
that they also may be One in Us: that the world may believe
that You Have Sent Me.

GOD In The New World Order 51
Hab. 2:14; John 15:4; Jer. 3:15; Mark 16:15; Zech. 8:16
For the Earth shall be filled with the Knowledge
of the Glory of The LORD, as waters cover the sea.

Abide in Me, and I in you.
As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself
except it abide in the vine; no more can you, except you abide in Me.

And I will Give you pastors according to My Heart, which shall feed you
with Knowledge and understanding. ...

Go you, into all the world, and preach The Gospel to every creature.

... Speak you every man The Truth to his neighbor;
execute the Judgment of Truth and Peace in your gates;...

We each have the responsibility to abide in The Truth and seek peace. Parents, we need to teach our children to walk in love and goodness in The Commandments of their GOD and Everlasting Heavenly Father; for His Grace and for their true well-being, safety and success through faith, compliance, hope and trust: for their eternal life. Clergy, world-wide, should abide in Love in His Grace within The Truth and Glory of GOD, in His Words in the Holy Bible, and not deny His Name and Gift of His Son to us all; to unite together in His Power and overcome oppression for our mutual victory.

If we are teachers, how can we expect our children to function well in the classrooms and streets, without first instilling in them valuable Knowledge for purpose, trust, hope and well-being that are found in Godly Values that promote love, peace and respect? Some question how we can teach them about GOD when they worship differently; isn't that up to the parents? The answer is in The One True GOD, Creator and Father to all of mankind. His Is the Highest Standard of Ethics that work for all of us, with Power to Save and unite us; but to a great many, His Truth Is yet unknown.

62 The New World United In ONE

Isaiah 5:13; Luke 23:34
Therefore My people are gone into captivity,
because they have no Knowledge;
and their honorable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.

Then Said Jesus, Father, Forgive them; for they know not what they do.


Dirt filled streets with littered mess,
streets of No Knowledge.
Police on beats in much duress: on streets of No Knowledge.
Some folks beaten scurriously by some lawmen, furiously;
one thing unites them, both unfree:
No Knowledge.
Many out of wedlock, born, face life in disunion and scorn;
saddened faces, lost, forlorn, No Knowledge.

Decent jobs a scarcity, unrelenting poverty,
children abused, mercilessly; obscene movies and TV.,
violence is viewed with glee, lust given priority;
rampant promiscuity, killings given clinically,
drive-by shootings, viciously: No Knowledge.

GOD In The New World Order 53

Homelessness and prostitution, politics in elocution,
somber talk of revolution, who'll speak of the true solution?
Neglected children go to school, where being bad is being cool,
with the values of a fool, No Knowledge.

Hungry kids for love and bread, join in gangs and wind up dead,
from drugs or alcohol or lead: No Knowledge.

Some celebrities are idolized with morals vain and compromised,
Leading with examples of worldly lusts and carnal love.
Even some music's turned deadly with every gross profanity,
perversion and perversity, No Knowledge.

Some churches thresh in rivalry, forsaking precious unity,
leaving mankind to roam unfree, hopeless, homeless, desolately ...
On the streets of No Knowledge.

Isaiah 5:14; 59:14
Therefore hell has enlarged itself and opened its mouth without measure...

And Judgment is turned away backward, and Justice stands afar off:
for Truth is fallen in the streets, and Equity cannot enter.

54 The New World United In ONE
No religious, racial, traditional, cultural, political, social, nationalistic, personal, denominational, or any kind of difference should have preference that divides and keeps us from our oneness in peace and victory. All can partake of the rightful Inheritance that our One True GOD and Everlasting Father has Prepared for all who believe in Him, love Him, and kindly keep His Commandments that Are Given for our Knowledge: for protective, prosperous unity.

Anything that hinders our unity in ONE, with our GOD and among ourselves, is servile and empowering to oppression and should no longer be allowed to take precedence over the educating and uniting of all of our people for our victory against our common, cruel, merciless and destructive enemy.

Ephesians 3:9; I Tim. 6:15; Eph. 4:13, 15, 16
And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery,
which from the beginning of the world has been hid in GOD, ...

Which in His Times He shall Show, Who IS The Blessed and Only Potentate,
The KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords.

Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the Knowledge of
the Son of GOD, unto a perfect man, ...

But speaking The Truth in Love, may grow up into Him in all things,
which is the Head, ... Christ:

From Whom the Whole Body fitly joined together ...
according to the Effectual Working in the measure of every part,
making Increase of the Body to the Edifying of Itself in Love.

GOD In The New World Order 55
Many in the nations are turned away and denying GOD and His Righteousness for themselves and their children, in favor of worldly ways and secular moral relativism; wherein they have their own standard of self-serving morality. This dangerous permissiveness, outside of the Shelter of Grace, has empowered the oppressive spirit in the supernatural; and has led to the augmented fear, terror and destruction in the truly alarming events that we witness, world-wide.
I Jn. 4:3; Psalms 73:8; Is. 57:12; Matt. 11:6
... this is that spirit of Anti-Christ,...They are corrupt,
and speak evil concerning oppression: ... loftily.

I will Declare your righteousness and your works,
for they will not profit you.
And Blessed is he, whoever shall not be offended in Me.

Denied is The Truth and Authority of GOD, as servitude is given to the repressive and corruptive powers of disunion; which evoke wrath and retribution. As sin is served and empowered, sorely mourned in anguish is the resulting destruction. The price is fruitlessly paid over again that He Paid; as we subject Him that Is Concerned for us, and ourselves to penalties given by cruel, ignorant, unruly oppression:
Psalms 34:21
Evil shall slay the wicked,...

Don't give in
to yourself serving Satan,
where he can perform his bad deeds.
If you do your true peace will be taken,
and he'll never consider your needs.
And It's GOD Who Wants none of such blatant
corruption and sorrowful dissent.

If you walk in the lust of the flesh in destruction,
it's Evil who leads you so he can condemn you,
and mercilessly serve you your punishment.

Differently and Righteously, paid to the Justice of the Law of GOD in Effect is our loss of peace in His Displeasure; and the trouble and fear to which we are all subject in our offenses, despite who we think that we are in our loftiness:

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