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Nov. 28, 2012

"Real Backbone Prevailing"

Thinking, aware people in the U.S. are asking 'what in the world is happened to the nation?' Actually, the nation is still the nation, it's the escalating weird animosity presently in prominence in the bickering, failing liberally controlled government, deliberately provoking divisive, chaotic public reaction to glean support, which is adversely affecting the perception of the state of the nation.

The biased, mainstream liberal media and the demented, flauntingly liberal 'entertainment' shows fan the flames, making gross stupidity very trendy, as if it acceptably takes the place of decent, intelligent, productive reason.

Fortunately, that kind of foolish fad is limited and temporary, dependent on naive and dopey values that belong to the frivolous and struggling uninformed that will eventually face their truths.

Perfectly rational people may find themselves facing anger and resentment for the infringement on their sanity presently concerning many issues in the nation, due to irresponsible, unproductive, intrusive, dishonest governance, empowered by a ridiculously distorted-in-thought segment of the electorate, and a liberal bashing machine intent on dividing the American public with senseless rantings of racism and anti conservatism, gleefully wallowing in mud and throwing mud balls in their perceived victory.

The real backbone of the nation are the predominantly quiet majority, intelligent individuals and families that keep the faith. The extreme, liberally run government is frustratingly unstable, untrustworthy and bringing the country to financial ruin, causing obvious consternation; but the conservatively strong don't 'believe' in government. They don't accept the 'importance' of a slanderously, deceitfully, irresponsibly won election; except of course, for the damage done presently to the integrity and stability of the system.

Any anger and resentment is dissipated by turning to the better angels of their faith, in the strong foundation of belief in the comforting Highest Power of GOD, with confident patience for His Works to manifest.

There is and has been a lot of feckless, thoughtless, hypocritical transgression in abusive govt. power working against honest integrity; and the righteous surmise, cope and continue to keep the faith, which has great dividends personally, and which can't help but positively affect the bigger picture, immediately and eventually.

Secularist government is still just tiresome government that comes and goes.

True, compassionate conservatism everlastingly prevails, because GOD Prevails forever.


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