John 8:12
"I AM The Light of the world:.
he that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life." - Jesus Christ

All Come Church                                                           New Jerusalem Church -
On The Rock
Stained Glass Window by Artist Henri Matisse - 1952



" No matter of what belief, religion, or denomination ...
...Truth for peace and prosperity, individuals and nations...- Pastor Gerry M. Kaye


"The Resurrection And The Life"

"Find Your Freedom"

John 1:7
"He will Bring me forth to The Light,
and I shall behold His Righteousness."

Greetings, Friends,
We mostly share a common cause: we long for peace!
When with great chagrin
erupt darkened notions within,
Look to the Light,
The Light of HIM
and find your freedom.
When people seek duress
and not true righteousness,
and prefer sin, don't let them in
to your consciousness.
Fear will not take hold
with all your strength, confidence bold,
with haste go quickly to His Throne
and find your freedom.
Be sure and grounded here on Earth,
keeping a simple, watchful eye,
but know within you there is worth
more than the brilliant sky.
If you are born again in Him,
and you act, forsaking sin;
And  too, you work with Him,
you have His Light within.
You have your freedom.

1 John 1:5; John 1:7, 11:25
"This then is The Message which We have Heard of Him,
and Declare to you, that GOD IS Light, ...
and In Him is no darkness at All."
"The Same Came for a Witness,
to Bear Witness of The Light,
that all men through Him might believe."
 Jesus Said to her,
"I AM The Resurrection, and The Life:
He that believes In Me,
though he were dead, yet shall he live: ..."

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