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April 18, 2009; 7:10 P. M., PT

It's becoming more and more alarming to find that our nation, that for so long retained a healthy reverence in GOD, so essential for the well being of people in an essentially hostile world's endured hardships, is now being manipulated and influenced by its very government to lose that important foundation that, responsibly and admirably, made our nation great and prosperous.

But a government that wants more control of the lives of its people, in countless venues of thought and active intrusion, diminishing the components of  a free society, finds it inconvenient and a kind of threatening rivalry, that its people find reliance in GOD rather than more of its own; while aiming to be a substitute for GOD and individual freedoms of thought and speech, in what then becomes a less-than-free society.

In our nation, this is being exemplified more and more by the growing tendencies of the extreme left's never ending assault on religion, predominantly through activist judges; in our public schools, and the disgraceful practices in our colleges, where the leftist bias has infiltrated to an extreme degree to the extent that our young people can no longer attain a truly decent, unbiased education; and in govt. legislation and proclamation that discourages faith, charitable giving, freedom of speech, etc.

The Obama administration in its short time, has shown a troubling preponderance of this tendency, in many instances.

As the most extreme pro abortionist senator become president; Obama is exhibiting an anti-GOD behavior unparalleled by any former president, as in his recent remarks abroad: that America is “no longer a Christian nation.”

What could possibly be the purpose and reasoning for such a proclamation by a sitting president of the United States?

In this remark it would seem that he is promoting or favors another religion; or possibly no religion. He should clarify the purpose of his more than strange remarks; including the reasoning in his continual apologist repentancing for the U. S. A. to foreigners; that are an affront to many Americans to whom he represents and serves.

"White House Hypocrisy Revealed In 'The Absence of God"
April 18, 09 - President Obama requested the religious symbols in Gaston Hall, most notably the inscription “IHS” that symbolizes the Name Jesus,
at Georgetown U. be covered during his economic address earlier this week.  This follows his comments in 2007 that America is “no longer a Christian nation.”
While the President continues to quote the scripture and reference his faith, it seems the White House is subtly attempting to remove God from our every day lives.

"Obama’s Christian - Faith-Based Appointee Discredits The Bible"
 April 18, 09 - President Obama has named to his faith-based advisory council, Harry Knox, a self-professed Christian who holds that the New Testament's teaching that
homosexual behavior is unnatural and wrong--which is found in St. Paul's letter to the Romans--“is not true;" along with his other anti-belief opinions.

Whatever one's opinion on homosexual behavior, among the many varied opinions, what is the purpose of a govt. official denigrating the Holy Bible's Scriptural teaching on the subject; except to question and diminish its authority?

It is clear that these obvious attempts to suppress Christian reason and influence are based on guilt and on fear. The Democrat extremists, for too long, have taken an active and precarious stance against GOD, in support of pro-choice atrocities, and other liberal, destructive, anti-Scriptural policies.

Unbelievably, in their obvious anxiety, and attempting to forsake the right to free speech and opinion that is a hallmark of our great nation, the Obama admin. has decided to focus its defense attention on its own citizens, and those of opposing views, calling them "right wing extremists'; rather than on the murderous, terrorist extremists that threaten our very existence and that of our allies.

"Is This What Right-Wing Extremism Looks Like?"
April 17, 2009  - President Barack Obama's head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Janet Napolitano, has created a firestorm of controversy with the release of a
"rightwing extremism" report. To paraphrase this report, returning U.S. military veterans, pro-life proponents, anti-illegal immigration activists and Evangelical Christians --
including conservative Catholics -- may be considered threats to the American government or possibly terrorists.

To them who are paying attention to this barrage of unfortunate developments, and the troubled economy and uncontrolled, rising debt, it appears that Obama and his administration are taking us down a road that leads to a decidedly less-than-free society. No wonder so many worried and disillusioned Americans are protesting; and hopefully becoming wiser.

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"Obama’s Christian - Faith-Based Appointee Discredits Bible"

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Telling It Like It Is
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