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The name "Tea Party" is a reference to the Boston Tea Party, and the protests have sought to evoke images, slogans, and themes
from the American Revolution. The letters T, E, and A have been used by protesters to form the backronym:

Beginning in 2009, the Tea Party protests are a series of locally organized protests across the United States, most of which have
developed into nationally coordinated events. The events are in protest of President Obama, the federal budget and, more specifically,
the stimulus package, which the protesters perceive as examples of wasteful government spending and unnecessary government growth.

They oppose the increase in the national debt as well:

The protesters also objected to possible future tax increases, with taxes on capital gains, estate taxes, federal income taxes,
and cigarette taxes, not in citation given. Many of the protests were held on April 15, 2009 to coincide with the
annual U.S. deadline for submitting tax returns, known as Tax Day..

  2009 - Seems a whooooole lot of people disagree with Obama's spend, spend, tax, tax, policies and unrealistic rhetoric.

An estimated more than 1300 Taxed Enough Already parties with hundreds of thousands of protesters hit the streets of America this 4th of July morning; echoing the April protests that have proven valid in the continuing job losses and failure of the stimulus to perform as promised.

The Tea Party protest events on April 15, 2009, the largest of which in Atlanta, Georgia numbered
between 7,000 and 15,000 people. Estimates of the total number of protesters nationwide vary widely between
sources, ranging from tens of thousands to more than 500,000 with The Christian Science Monitor noting, "experts say
the counting itself often becomes politicized as authorities, organizers, and attendees often come up with dramatically different counts."

The Obama administration and the democrats in Congress promised certain results when it frantically rushed to extract / commit trillions of taxpayer dollars "to create jobs - stimulate the economy," which hasn't worked by realistic assessment, so many say it's time for a reversal, a refund, a "Give back" of at least what hasn't been spent.

Their logic is that no 'business' successfully gets away with putting good money after bad, so it's imminently necessary and undeniably smart to:



"Give the taxpayers back the money, "Give it back!"
Your ineptness isn't funny, "Give it back!"
What is happening with all that green?
Such a little has been used.
The debt it invokes is obscene, the economy's more abused.
The dollar's losing value,
our credit's weakened while you smirk.
Your pet projects and your pork all cause the system to not work.
"Give it back!"
Your lavish travels and pay hikes and your benefits galore,
all while our families, little tikes, suffer hardships more and more,
 invoke wrath and protestations of your crude abominations.
"Give the taxpayers back the money, "Give it back!"
Your money policy is just not working, with more certain failure lurking.
Put back the money, curb the debt; cut the spending  that you let.
Do your job with careful prudence and responsibility.
Preserve our national freedoms, restore our great prosperity.
Purge the waste and greed.
Our nation is in need for you to serve responsibly,
 not carelessly and wastefully
with spending you cannot afford, despite your rhetorical word.
And you'd monitor our showers,
brown out trees and grass and flowers;
and to save energy in our bill, yet for our oil you won't drill;
we need the budget run with care, foresight, responsibility;
face the facts, your judgment lacks, endangering our sovereignty:
"Give it back!"


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We see the most radical government countermeasures in a 100 years, the biggest federal deficits in 200 years, a new surge in
unemployment without counting those excluded from the official numbers, 14.7 million jobless, industrial production falling, consumers slashing
 spending, small businesses laying off workers, cities and states forced to gut their budgets...
Czarred And Feathered
Somebody remind Obama which country he serves and that we have a government of elected officials, not of imperial appointments.
The OB White House has more czars than the Russian Romanov dynasty. Defenders of the Constitution who believe presidents
intentionally try to bypass Congress by naming czars — should challenge the administration in court.
"Sarah Palin "Doing ..What's Good for Alaska"
Monotonous, milk-dud media spin - can't just take her at her word:
Sarah Palin, plagued by phony charges and slander, said: she's decided to resign and free up Alaskan administration's agenda.

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