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Sept. 22, 2014
Gerry M. Kaye
Non Partisan & Independent
Telling It Like It Is
Rising separatism promotes rising secularism which promotes rising degradation and lowering of respect for government and of individual self respect, from which no good can come, particularly in a so-called free society.
It's saddening to see so many turned away from the truly great, voluminous, benevolent, welcoming Power of GOD that provides inner strength, decency, productivity, peacefulness and self esteem.

And for what? For a politically motivated agendized secularism which provides the opposite that destroys self esteem and personal power to that of weak dependence on government that is motivated by a self serving, self expandable morally deprived humanism. In other words, a government that wants control over you, your money, your thoughts, your wellness, your children, etc, which is the total opposite of freedom and free Godly principle.

The rejection of Godly Principles in favor of a belief in the self advancement of humanity by said secularism is a recipe for disaster of which the world is rapidly, dangerously approaching in the unfortunate toll on positive human progress and peaceful world order.

Government intervention in limiting public prayer, religious display, rights, free speech, along with govt. dishonesty, corruption, rigidity, serves to elevate its own dominating importance of which it wants no competition from the very real Governing Powers of GOD, being suppressed by that kind of secularism.

While the Gates of Heaven are being obstructed, observe the rapidly opening Gates of Hell!

Why in the hell, for their 'political correctness,' would the aforementioned secularists want to disturb and suppress, in particular, a segment of the good and peaceful religious believing population in a free society, while challenging the authority of the founding Judeo Christian principles of our nation, except to destroy its foundation and reinvent it to their own aforesaid ideal and purpose?

The mainstream media, the politically radical left have supported and promoted this subversion that reflects their own deficiency in moral clarity at the expense of the American people that find themselves in an ever morally declining, precarious environment.

Our freedoms afford us the preferences that appeal to us in music and performance of such, all forms of entertainment, great to some, distasteful to others; preferences in employment, travel, fashion, books, garb, education, housing; etc.

But when it comes to electing our government leaders, there should be but one method of choice: discernment for truly sensible people, experienced with a record of honest truth telling that truly qualify for the job of responsibly serving and protecting the American people and preserving freedoms, rather than promoting a political agenda, an ideology, and economically and dangerously destructive entitlement baiting for votes.

Voting for govt. leaders is not partisan party celebrity game time. Voting is very serious business, as we are unfortunately finding out and deeply regretting our recent choices in this troublesome time.

We each have a responsibility to do our part to respect and preserve and protect this foundationally decent land of a free people that should be, at its best: the light of the world!

GOD Bless us all with Grace, civility and intelligence!



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