.Pastor Gerry M. Kaye
            .Aug. 20, 2002

1 Titus 2:5
For There IS ONE GOD,
and One Mediator between
GOD and men,
the Man Christ Jesus...

Jesus In Prayer,
See Him Praying There,
Praying for you and me,
and for all humanity.

O my heart does truly break
when He Grieves for our mistakes;
are you aware of Him, Prayerfully,
Watching over you and me?

In all we say and do,
He Wants to See us through
if we will follow Him, true.

Galatians 3:19
Wherefore then serves the Law?
It was added because of transgressions,
till the Seed should Come to Whom
the Promise was Made;
and it was Ordained by Angels
in the Hand of a Mediator.

He Is Praying
for you and me,
GOD Bless you,

Jesus In Prayer,
See Him, Praying There,
for each and every one of you,
He'll ever, Care.

Hebrews 8:6
But now has He
Obtained a more Excellent
Ministry, by how much also
He IS the Mediator of a
better Covenant,

which was Established
upon better Promises.


Evil flexes muscle
at us fearfully,
but you and I
should ever agree
that in Jesus, we are free;

we are safe from fear,
we are here.

And we reflect
with mightier faith;
and we know
that we are safe,

we who love Jesus,
the Almighty One
that Frees us:

from our captivity
in a world, unrestfully
killing, bent to destroy,
in merciless, evil employ.


Do you know Mercy?
Have you met Mercy?

Mercy's Spirit, Good and True,
Wants to be inside of you,
that Heals infirmities;
you'll feel your mind
at restful ease.

Allelu u u ia,

And Mercy Loves us
and Wants to Save us

and all our precious family
with Heavenly life, eternally.

We welcome Mercy
in our heart,
being Born Again,
with a new start
and a new heart.

For our GOD
Loves you and me,
Thank GOD: Mercifully.

In His Power
and His Glorious Name,

"A Worldly Conversation,

I know I recently heard
someone ask someone,
"Can we talk?
before you knock my block off,
can I talk?"

Someone's been bad
and is come forth,
and has tried to have said,
you will find it of worth:
"If you can spare a little time,
you just might pleasantly find

that I've truly had a change
of heart, and seek a brand
new start."

This is surely worth finding out,
giving the benefit of the doubt.

So that his friends,
and he, should agree,
that this is handled righteously?

Let us pray
we'll gladly find
he's truly changed:
in heart and mind,

to "GOD's Way" of repentance
and reform;
for a new day: with a new heart,
kindly and warm.

But if he talks deceitfully,
and truly it's discovered
that he systematically

just wants to kill a brother,
sister, mother,
faithful believers, neighbors,
friends, with no mercy,
and without a merciful end:

then it may possibly become
a situation where some,
would shake their heads
and walk away
and in a protective way
might say:

"Let's knock this killer's
socks off,
 some might even knock his
block off:

to protect the innocent
and not waste another moment,

What one does hear, when
listening around in the world!


And don't you worry, New One,
we're watching over you;

We are His followers of His Mercy,
we are here!

We are here for you, we love you,
in our every prayer that's for you, too;

even you, little One, New,
yes, Humble by name, even you.

We are here, for everyone
and all around you,

with love surround you,
so don't you fear:

In His Merciful Commandments,
we are protecting you:
we are here!

Psalms 78:6, 7, 8
That the generation to come might know Them,
even the children which should be born;

who should arise and declare Them
to their children:

That they might set their hope in GOD, and not forget
the Works of GOD,

but keep His Commandments:

And might not be as their fathers,
a stubborn and rebellious generation;

a generation that set not their heart aright,
and whose spirit was not steadfast with GOD.

We will never forget you
we pray night and day for you
so keep His Power flowing,
knowing, we are here!

For we do righteously prevail
and we do honor who assail
the evil power
that oppresses, enslaves,

when his deceit,
possesses, depraves.

But The Power Is the Strongest
and Eternal,
in the Most High GOD,
In His Righteous Rod;

Hebrews 9:15
And for this Cause He IS the
Mediator of the New Testament,

that by means of death, for the
Redemption of the transgressions
that were under the First Testament,
they which are Called might receive
the Promise of Eternal Inheritance.

and we are everlastingly
Made children of His Victory,
Mercifully, and Lovingly.

O, Alleluia,


Alle luia,


Alle elu u u-ia.

Sent by The GOD
of Light and Mercy,
we are here in all His Glory,
never fear, be safe, not sorry:

and abide in His Love,
ever reside in His Love;

be aware that He Is There,
Praying for your love,
with His Mercy: Just and Fair.

So please, you,
you, Beloved true,
answer righteously
and faithfully,
and lovingly
and mercifully,
His Prayer.

For Him,
Praying for you, There;
In The Name of our Beloved
LORD, Amen.


Pray, talk to our GOD,
He knows you by what you pray,
and by what's in your heart
from day to day.

Give Him your doubts and your fears,
and He'll Answer your prayers
with every new day, and dry your tears.


'Til you won't cry anymore
from the world you abhor,
looking to His New World
in you, within;

Saved from the sin
of the world, depraved,

follow His "Way of Life", within
on the ' Road, Gold Paved.'

Hebrews 12:24
And to Jesus the Mediator
of the New Covenant, and

to the Blood of sprinkling,
that Speaks Better Things than
that of Abel.

Let Him See you wield
His Righteous Rod,
so that when you yield
and you pray to GOD,

He will Honor you,
and Cherish you,
in all His Grace
and Love for you,

His children, loyal,
faithful and true.

Win! remember where
True Power IS.

Be faithful and aware,
as true children of His:

Saved, well behaved:
Risen, Born again,

being His, we will be,
His children,
ever joyfully,

and Given His Power,
and Made forever free....

For Yours Is The Kingdom
and The Power,

and The Glory,
forever, Amen.
Matthew 6:13

.... victorious forever,

GOD Bless and Love you all,
have a wonderful day
in The Name of Our GOD,
Savior, and LORD,

Pastor Gerry M. Kaye.


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