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" P. S."


"Pine In Fruition"
From The Summer Collection

By Pastor Gerry M. Kaye,

March 3, 2002

Ephesians 4:6  One GOD and FATHER of all, Who IS Above all,
Through all, and In you all..

Hello, Dearly Beloved Brethren,

If we can imagine ( for the sake of analyzation) the nations being one organization, it is easier to comprehend the psychology of the whole, and then to understand the individual.

How can we do this, other than to rate the individual on merits / faults, much as one may try to do, persons?

Of course, past histories outweigh others in terms of age and such things as tendencies toward aggressiveness, domination, benevolence, productiveness, peacefulness; and the severely negative do stand apart. And with many focusing on the others' faults, is found productivity or counter productivity, depending on the handling: whether it is with opinionated good will or with physical violence.

Productivity is best served when Truth is prevalent, and when the defacing Deceiver, seeking to distract from his own tracks, is recognized as harmful in his unrelentless attempts to smear GOD Himself with all kinds of manufactured falsehoods. Which brings us to the importance of the knowledge of the Truth, as Jesus Christ Plainly Stated:.


and the Truth will Make 'you'  free. John 8:32

John  8:12
.I AM The Light of the world, he that follows Me
shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life.

Timothy 2:4  Who will have all men to be Saved, and to come to the Knowledge of the Truth.

In this Scripture, Jn. 8:32, who is 'you' ? As It Is Goodly Written and therefore in believing that Jesus the Savior, the Son of our GOD and our Creator would have all men to be Saved and to come to the knowledge of The Truth, obviously 'you' is all of us, of any race, religion or creed in all nations.

Human beings are all Created in the Image of GOD, regardless of all of the above; and are under the Same Covenant In His Purpose for all.

Or don't we believe the Scripture? We know through reading the New Testament that Jesus Himself Warned against believing and applying all of Scripture, and Encouraged our discernment. And we discern by knowing The Truth, without which there is nothing to discern.

And we do believe and therefore know, that we are created beings by The Creator, and that This Event is described in detail, beginning  in Chapter I of the Holy Bible, and also in John 1:1,2,3.

And The Saving Word tells us, and our hearts are witness to the fact that the Truth Is that HE IS Good and Merciful, Loving and Kind, Instructive and Caring, Understanding and Forgiving, with Beauty and Magnificence of Purpose for each one of us. And He Sent us His Son that we might know this Truth, believe and be Saved.

For we are Saved in our belief when we subsequently comply to His Will, and as much as some would like to believe that there's a free lunch to avoid this, perhaps through His Murder on the Cross, let's be honest, can we really believe this? That a Loving GOD would Send His Son to be Murdered, thereby encouraging murder?

I don't think that there's one good father on planet earth that would plan to do so, so how can we so degrade the motives of our Blameless GOD and FATHER? That He Paid for our sins is indeed Truth, in His Incarnation and subjugation to mankind's murderous hypocrisy and deception that He Willingly Endured for our sakes..

Habakkuk 2:14
For the Earth shall be filled with the Knowledge
of the Glory of The LORD, as the waters cover the sea......
Amen! Yet we are very grateful that He had no qualms about the dangers, and that He was Willing to Face them for us, no matter what the cost. No, The Master should have been able to Live His Life, Productively, in Teaching and in Healing the terribly needy, for so many more years, but he was robbed of His Life by murderers; and not by the Design of our Loving GOD.

But the good news is that from evil can ultimately come Good: with GOD. But in all our belief and good intentions, in all nations, it is 'the killers' that bring our 'nobilities' crashing to the floor.

For the rational mind reacts chaotically and sporadically to the irrationality of the filthiness of killing; so murderers beware!  For even in the believers who claim a measure of self control through Doctrine, faith and the Power of repentance and reform, the humanistic tendency toward protection of the innocent and helpless is an extremely powerful motivator, yet predominant, instinctive in the species; profusely moreso in some.

Therefore, we continue to see the endless cycle of violence in unrest and violent wars in our world civilization..

Some people say that unless you soundly smack a child for wrong doings, he or she will grow up bad, stupid and weak. From my own experience, I disagree. For the loving kindness of teaching right from wrong without resorting to physical violence is far more humane and effective, without the harmful baggage of natural resentment and even hatred for being irrationally, hurtfully mishandled so poorly.

In our nations, we have ancients, and many with great books of knowledge that are prolific in goodness and brotherly love; but it is obvious that the humanistic tendencies to violence and violent retaliations often supersede the good teachings. Often, unfortunately, this is the result of confusion, for the same books may contain instruction to violent behavior and covetousness; for which some can declare and try to justify their destruction, in that their God sanctions these. And this contrariness is false and very harmfully deceptive, obviously, and through its subtlety many are active, or complacent to let it ride and not address it, even with the wherewithal to do so.

But the reality Is that in His Eternal Power and His Glory the House of our One True GOD is not divided in such a way as to cause it to not stand by the administering and the receiving of violence unto destruction; for with all destructive violence comes the relentless 'cycle of violence'.

No, our Most High GOD is Everlastingly Good and Merciful to all; and we all need to believe that He Exists, He Loves, He Cares, .... for each and every one of us; and Truly Wants that we all be Saved in this Absolute Knowledge of the Truth.

That is, if you believe this. Do you believe?

Now, the judgmentation by faulted nations, of the faults of other nations, dangerous when combined with the mobility of wealth used to kill rather than productively tolerate: terroristically to destroy rather than to tolerantly opinionate, is what the world is come to in this prolonged and treacherous cycle. For we offend but we can mend, through understanding, tolerance, and patience within our dialogue, that is unattainable within violence.

Importantly, we must have and take the time to be primarily negotiating in the Truth, communicating for understanding and compliance, and tolerant in our efforts in dealing with this situation, in that we ourselves do comply with The Higher and Undefeatable Power for Its necessary Benefits in this pressing situation.

Within this tolerance and caring brotherly kindness is real safety, and without is danger. It is unfortunate when this strength is not primarily employed by the sincere engagers for peace; perhaps through non belief which impedes the courage to trust Him, and not lean only on one's own perception and understanding.

For why can we not primarily be united and peaceful? We are all created by One Creator, but genetics, abusive environment and lack of education of Truth, not necessarily academics, make a difference and create a seemingly impossible situation for humankind. But knowledge of Truth is the beginning that often serves to overcome these varied differences and problems, when given the chance. For within everyone is the longing for unity and peace, but for some, due to varied circumstance in the fallen state of the human condition, the feeling is remote and very difficult to get in touch with.

But out of chaos and confusion, and violence and destructiveness, one can emerge free and whole when truly realizing that one is loved so deeply by his Loving GOD and FATHER, Who wants him or her to be Saved and to come to the knowledge of The Truth.

And it is in that order: Saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth, when one truly believes that GOD, our Creator IS our Good and Merciful, Loving FATHER, and Jesus IS LORD and Savior.

Isaiah 60:1  Arise, shine, for your Light Is Come, and The Glory of The LORD Is Risen upon you.
.The Glory of The LORD Is that He Is so Good, so Kind and Loving, Instructive, Compassionate, without violence, deeply Caring for each and every one of us.


And when we receive this Love,
we never want to leave this Love.

We want to be this Love,
we want to see this Love,
Eternally, this Love.

And ever, ever, be
forever, ever free,
in this Love,
within this Greatest Love,

Matthew 18:11  For the Son of man Is Come to Save that which was lost.

Revelation 21:24   And the nations of them which are Saved shall walk in the Light of it; ...

John 3:17  For GOD Sent not His Son to condemn the world, but that through Him,
the world might be Saved.

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And we know through the Scriptures that He Compassionately Taught all people: the very hard of hearing, the lame, diseased, the blind, the disturbed that were not able to connect with Truth due to one causative factor or another. Sometimes, as we read in The New Testament, He even became Angry and Shouted; but never used violence or swearing. If we all did the same it would be a far better, more peaceful, safer world to live in, don't you agree?

Why don't we try to do just that? Discuss, strongly opinionate if need be, but with Truth, for if deception is used, it will not, it can not work  That is the Powerful Ingredient that we must all have access to for our Salvation: the Truth. And the Holy Spirit of GOD In Jesus Christ Gives us just That.

Our beloved GOD and FATHER Gave us His Only Begotten Son in His Incarnation, for our edification and Redemption through His Absolute Knowledge of the Truth, for our repentance and reform; and His Willingness to Share It with us, despite all the abuse and hardships that He Knew He would Endure.

And for this we are all eternally indebted to Him. We just need all to realize this and accept the Gift, and ostensibly comply through the surrender to the fact of the basic and real human need to comply, for our own well being and for all..


Please Forgive us our strife, we, mankind on Earth,
 taking precious life, not knowing life's worth;
and that of Your Son Whom You Sent as our Savior.
Please Forgive us, each one, for our fallen behavior.

Illuminate us with your Grace from within.
Please Give us our strength and Pardon our sin
that keeps us from peace and our true liberty.
We, Your children, Release, pardoned, joyous and free.
In The Name of Jesus, 

Galatians 5:13; Philippians 4:7;  John 16:33; I Chronicles 16:31
... Brethren, you have been called to liberty ...

And the Peace of GOD, which Passes all understanding,
shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

... Be of good cheer, I have Overcome the world.

Let the Heavens be glad, and let the Earth rejoice:
and let men say among the nations, The LORD Reigns..

" P. S."

So much real comfort comes from experience. I have been fortunate in that I have been able to check out my studies and my curious and sometimes imaginative theories with physical reality. I have been observant in study and work situations, interacting with people in the fields of firstly, diversity in music, public education, then religious, theological studies, art, dance, wife and motherhood, psychiatry, psychology, supernatural phenomena, preventative medicine, entertainment, gardening, nutrition and cooking, physical health and appearance;

and sales, politics, parental difficulties, animal psychology, corporate business, communicative technology, journalism, creative writing and publishing, song writing and recording; world wide travel with cultural studies, caregiver for the diseased in geriatrics, and finally and ultimately, answering the Call to the teaching of faith as a Minister. So that thought and perceptions were and still are analyzed with physical, practical actuality for the subsequent deciphering of the Truth in all things.

This has served as a  great boost to faith for one who loves the challenge of proving faith; and which is also, a great stabilizer for mental health.

For we cannot be mentally whole unless we can successfully believe and relate to that which Is Truth.

We need to trust in the Truth in GOD and in the experience of the volunteer teachers in the Truth of GOD, with discernment; these being a great help to remind mankind of his responsibilities.


And our anchor is His Goodness, Love and Mercy. Therefore, we easily discern the Truth in His Great Love and Concern for us all, and enact It in His Commandments. Anything else is less than Truth and not productive for our ultimate Salvation as one family of GOD here on Earth.

For the Word of the Day is tolerance, without violence to solve our disagreements; perhaps in a never ending, but productive dialogue to continually support true enlightenment and to eradicate rebelliousness and violence...

Luke 2: 14   Glory to GOD In The Highest, and on Earth peace, good will towards men..
Bless The LORD, O, my soul, Bless His Holy Name.

If we then, do place firstly the priority on pleasing He that has the Power to Save us, we will then function the most effectively thereafter, in this present, evil world, but one in which we do deeply care about each other, after all.

With Much Love,


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Pencil & Ink, Sumie Drawings
& Watercolors by
Gerry M. Kaye.
The Summer Collection
"Pine In Fruition".

." If I May?"

I I Corinthians 1:3
Blessed be GOD, ...
The FATHER of Mercies, The FATHER  of our LORD, Jesus Christ,
and The GOD of all Comfort.

.Mark 1:8
I indeed have baptized you with water:
but He shall Baptize you with The Holy Ghost.
.Dear Friend,
If you believe that Jesus Christ IS The Son of GOD, Who IS Love,
and Who IS Good and of Everlasting Mercy,
Sent to Earth to Take Away the sins of mankind and to bring GOD's Forgiveness, Salvation,
and humanity's life enrichment, please receive your Baptism in His Name, and
Receive your Free Baptism Certificate..

Find Comfort and Refuge In The Healing Word of GOD in Scripture

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