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"Seriously X-tending The X-ile File."

Gerry M. Kaye

March 5, 2003

A great note of encouragement for the 'easy road to peace' has emerged with the heads of several of Saddam Hussein's neighboring countries suggesting that in light of the looming confrontation, he should not hesitate to take his leave.

To a proud and arrogant man, on the surface, a show of disdain for this idea is most expected; yet, might nevertheless be a very viable suggestion that needs serious nurturing.

For the images that we see on television are often distortions of reality, with a great deal of propagandist, show biz pomp deceitfully hovering over the air waves.

What is truly happening at the reality level of the person(s) or story could be quite a different matter.

Let us assume that Saddam is a person not unlike ourselves with a strong sense of survival, and truly cognizant of the overwhelming reality of the 'Powers that Be' that are increasingly uniting against him.

"Seriously X-tending The X-ile File"

Saddam Hussein has heard several suggestions of his exile from the United States and the middle east and others; but there is yet to be widely heard of a definite, co operative plan with invitation for this to take place. He should be made a serious offer, greatly beneficial and hard to refuse.

To begin, there should be presented a definite location, i.e., safe and secure in a lavish villa in the mountains of Budapest, Hungary (as a suggestion), with spacious accommodations for his entire entourage. He should find this to be indeed an excellent choice for his extended life, and for the others with him.

There must be arranged for this transition a definite day, time, place, and other stipulations agreed upon to be satisfactory by all.

Realistically, he should surely see that his suffering country's, his dreading family's, neighbor's and others', and his own great problems would be peacefully solved, with respect extended him for this wise choice.

I think that the man could agree to this positive show of gracious invitation, extended him in an honest, definite and expedient manner.

Let us continue to earnestly pray that he will do so:

"Earnestly, We Pray"
in an
Underlined Feature:..

Receive The Mercy"

Isaiah 38:19  The living, the living, he shall praise Thee, as I do this day;
The FATHER to the children shall Make Known The Truth.

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