Psalms 48:2, 3
  Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole Earth,
is Mount Zion, ...
the City of The Great KING..

GOD IS known in her Palaces for a Refuge.


"A Divided World"

"Mired In Complexity"

"This Is War!"


Oct. 1, 2004; 5:00 A. M. PT

Gerry M. Kaye

I Chronicles 16:23, Isaiah 42:10
Sing to The LORD all the Earth!

 show forth from day to day His Salvation.

Sing to The LORD, a new song!

Far gone, the human race is mired in abortive complexity. Complexity of the kind that rises out from babies' tormented tears; and now gives rise from children's screams, as terrorists, the personification of evil,  frighten and mercilessly destroy them to show just how awfully nuts they are, and we better watch out.

What else needs to happen before the unreasoning begin to reason, before the non listening begin to hear?

Hard hearted politics continues to show that it can't be reasoned with for the most part; and because their party has their loyalty, unconditionally, closed minds and hearts will not listen to righteousness.

These are secularists, despite what they may wish to have us believe to the contrary. In U. S. primaries, speeches, debates and elections, it is amazing how much of the public supports this. Even with the wake up call of so much impending danger, the big participation in political non substance due significantly to 'party loyalty', proceeds full speed ahead, through the dimness that many politicians rely on; who actually count on these to support them. Hence all the move toward stripping righteous religious values, as is so faithfully demonstrated by the policies of the secular left. To say it's evil at work is entirely appropriate; to say that the world 'war on terror' begins at home in a split nation is a fact.

Our simple, peaceful existence is turned to fearful complexity. Instead of talking much more about advancement in protecting innocent lives, with necessary and expeditious attention paid to needed life and family issues that build our nation, such as upholding the ban on unconscionable partial birth abortion, better schools and education, health care, the economy and economic aid for the impoverished and the homeless, a clearer environment, and all the good and basic issues for human progress toward safety and comfort  with which we should be occupied, ...

Mike Smith
Las Vegas - Sun/Review Journal
Sunday, Sept. 26, 2004

...the speeches are predominantly preoccupied with war, killing, casualties, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, ...and presently with the impeding left critically and repetitiously hammering away and attempting to deny any progress or correctness having been made by their political 'opposition'.

This blatant irresponsibility and spinned criticism is of course, presently aiding, bolstering and emboldening the enemy; and nothing new for the extreme left, presidential candidate as his record indicates in his past anti life, anti government, anti military disputed tactics, remembered and still resented and regarded as traitorous by many.

This is war despite the back and forth criticisms and denial of them who agreed to it; and in this, in the United States of America there should now be no confusing and debilitating 'opposition'. The aspiring left seems to believe that theirs' is a separate and different country in ideology, and are in total, critical opposition in policy to the elected administration which has all the huge responsibility to engage and protect.

That kind of debate may be okay in social and economic matters, but in war it is downright careless, irresponsible and dangerous. It is proving to be so, with the increasingly emboldened enemy, who must find that output and internationally publicized dissent supportive; and the blame must fall largely on the shoulders of the politicians and segments of the media who have competitively become the anti-U. S. government, anti-policy dissenters, in their spin and consistent hammering of differences and distortions of truth for political gain, over and over again; despite the viable and intelligent reasoning being offered.


How frustrated are we with a child that refuses to listen, to learn and understand? ...that repeatedly mouths the same stubborn and erroneous lines over and over, despite the repeated, helpful answers given again and again, and who refuses to move on? We who must listen,  justly smirk and sigh, and frown and shake our heads; and keep trying; but it's just too hard to penetrate the hard headed, self serving stubborness with fact and reason.

And so, we and all our frightened children continue to endure in an abortively complex and  increasingly dangerous existence, due to so much hardness of hearts, minds and spirits of them who are in opposition to the simplicities of peace and decency, and which favors and serves their personal interests.

Psalms 89:1
I will sing of the Mercies of The LORD for ever:
with my mouth will I make known Your Faithfulness to all generations.

Yet, our Refuge is established and remains in the Hope and Joy of The GOD of our Salvation, Whom we know will See us through, and the moreso, as we serve Him, His Love, His Peace, His Purpose, His Salvation.

These truths are indeed self evident, and if you hopefully, find yourself in wise agreement and willing compliance, send this page to a friend who might benefit from taking the time to consider them. Your efforts to patiently help people to truthfully discern and assess will undoubtedly help to make a better, safer world for all.

With sincere and continual prayer for GOD to Love and to Bless you and yours,

Yours Truly,

Pastor Gerry M. Kaye.

Isaiah 42:10; Jeremiah 31:12
Sing to The LORD a new song, and His Praise from the end of the Earth,
you that go down to the sea, and all that is therein;
the isles, and the inhabitants thereof.

Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion,

 ...and shall flow together to the Goodness of The LORD, ...

...and their souls shall be as a watered garden;
and they shall not sorrow any more at all.


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