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Feb. 13, 2011

On Feb 11, 2011 - In Cairo, Egypt, cries of: "Egypt is free," rang out and fireworks lit up the sky, as hundreds of thousands danced, wept and prayed in joyful pandemonium Friday after 18 days of peaceful pro-democracy protests forced President Hosni Mubarak to surrender power to the military, ending three decades of authoritarian rule. (AP Report)


When Mubarak cut off the flow of information via the internet and other sources from the protesters, it escalated the intensity of the peaceful, non-violent movement towards a free society that was gaining momentum.

The cry was for "Freedom!"

Freedom to have free and honest elections, freedom of speech, freedom from fear of persecution and terror, freedom from poverty in a nation gripped by massive unemployment, freedom to know ''the truth" in all things that creates "opportunity" for "judgment" towards "choice" and a far better life.

We hope that the Egyptians will attain these things, providing that the corruption that distorts the truth will not prevail, and defeat all their desired gains.

Therein lies the real battle ahead.

For we know that here in America, our freedoms that we cherish are consistently being threatened by a largely corrupted media that conceals facts and refuses to tell it straight; and a parade of misled 'celebrities' that espouse ugly and destructive propaganda.

We presently have an administration that early on, attempted to stifle the truth of their actions by criticizing any fair reporting, obviously hoping to hide what it knew would be objectionable. The president himself made reference to Fox Cable News and actually asked through his criticism, when publicly televised, that people not watch it. Never before in our history were there such blatant attempts by a president to stifle free speech in our nation.

But most of the American people responded with disdain to anti-truth, and the administration lightened up, looking towards the next election.

Yet, the seeds of bias have been sown. When in South Florida last year, I was visiting a relative in the hospital when in the surgery-recovery waiting room a security guard walked in and told me, "We don't watch Fox Cable News here" - as he changed the channel.  What??

Never have I seen Florida in such a state of racial tension as I then found it, thanks to the unpopular policies and remarks of this president that campaigned as a "uniter."


Accepting truth requires judgment. Critical discrimination against truth represses truth. Freedom is not wrought from attempts at racial and political bias and intolerance, stifling information, selective persecution, threats of "punishing our enemies," and dishonest community organized elections.

Given the problems that we face even here in America, where we pride ourselves on our freedoms, Egypt has a tough road ahead. The opposition is dark and insidious; we all need the Light and Power of our Good GOD to sustain us.

And He Will, when we follow in His Ways.

By faith Moses chose the hardship, over a life of privilege, to free his people from the grips of slavery and terror.

It Is Written ( Hebrews 11:24-27 ) that he chose rather to suffer affliction for freedom, esteeming the reproach of Christ to be greater riches, for he had respect toward the recompense of the Reward. By faith he forsook, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing HIM Who IS Invisible.

By Truth and Faith, so shall we all endure, so shall we all prevail.

            - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye - February 13, 2011


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