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Daniel 4:3
How Great Are His Signs! and how Mighty Are His Wonders!
His Kingdom IS an Everlasting Kingdom,
and His Dominion IS from generation to generation.
"Wanted: A New World Order"

Gerry M. Kaye

June 22, 2004; 7:00 A. M.  PT

Daniel 4:1
... To all people, nations, and languages, that dwell in all the Earth; ...
Peace be multiplied to you.

"Encouraging The Enemy?"
"Evil At Work"
"We, The People"
"We ARE The Many"

What the United Nations has attempted to do in being the 'spokesman' for the world to keep the peace has not worked, if the object was to negotiate a righteous peace, rather than go to war for it. The reasons as to why the organization is so ineffective emerge as a lack of unity of righteous purpose, with alleged, widespread corruption within it that challenges its authority. Becoming possibly unjustified, its authority is weakening with a rising necessity for a reasonable replacement; or a total accounting with reform that has become absolutely necessary. Yet, we hear from the U.S. news media that there is much resistance by the U.N. to allow the investigation of the allegations to go effectively forward. Very irregular, this should alarm every peace loving, world citizen to the danger of a possibly corrupt power in authority.

Even in our own nation, we find many who would yet give that dubious presence more authority over our very own important decisions, which should be the last thing that we want; and this for the same ole inane, partisan-critical power grab, and not for the welfare of the United States of America and its peoples, and of other nations, worldwide. We have to stand strong in our own purpose, for the present situation has evolved to a real battle of devastating violence, and this because there was no real negotiation made possible by a skilled body to accomplish a peace without war; and possibly, because of its alleged corruption that would prevent it.

Saddam Hussein's many disturbing, infamous, lunatic doings were widely known in his tyrannical, ongoing brutality to his own and others of: tortures and mass killings; using and developing 'Weapons of M D'; financing terrorism, payments directly to families of suicide bombers; invading his neighbors; proclaiming a loud and violent hatred for the U.S. and others, ordering assassination; all this spanning decades, yet where were the U. N. and the righteous nations throughout all of this?

Do some really believe their own argument that he was benign and did not deserve to step down or be removed, even when at the insistence of the U.S. leadership, the U.N. finally stepped up to the plate and gave him his ultimatum? This demand should have been equally concerned with the long overdue end to the humane crisis in Iraq and Hussein's proven intention to create more W of M Ds to be undoubtedly used further in his violent hatred, not against his supporters in the nations, but against his perceived enemies; of which the U. S. should have been necessarily, particularly concerned, given his record of performed, mass murderous violence.

I Thessalonians 5:14
Now we exhort you, brethren,
warn them that are unruly, ...

Political, partisanly supported argument has become so ridiculous and traitorous that tolerance for the right for people to express it is becoming seriously challenged. The fact is that we now are in a brutal war, with our children fighting on our behalf, over there, and the irresponsible bickering, lying and irrelevance is hurting their safety. Partisan politicians, corrupt, untruthful directors, celebrities and writers, and other like provocateurs should consider that their thoughtless influence is compromising the safety of our loved ones and of all of us, and encourages the enemy, inviting more danger.
But, if that is just plain and unreasoning 'evil at work', that unfortunately explains it.

There is now room for a new and organized order to step in to unite the nations in a serious peace keeping role. Leaders of nations that are found to be criminally inhumane to their countrymen and threatening to others should be early warned of removal by automatic consensus in an organized body; even by reason of insanity. Dangerous lunatics, as we have learned, are likely to not respond or negotiate; even after long and arduous attempts by reasonable people. How can we allow the procession of maniacs that emerge to continue to lead us into the dangers that we now face, and to the dreaded sacrifice of our young service men and women? Prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Of course this attempt for peaceful order sounds extreme and infringing and a host of other discomforting adjectives with of which I well agree; but we live in extremely precarious times where evil, violent and destructive, has a leadership and is directing the rest of us to where we do not want to be.

We, the people do not want war.

We want peace!

We want good, humane and wise leadership.

We want freedom from hunger and poverty!

We want war bucks to be rather spent on food, worldwide, to feed the hungry; medicine to cure the sickly, housing for the homeless; etc.

We want the unjust of all nations to stop playing games and get serious about peace!

We want the obviously destructive, murderous and threatening trouble makers sooner stopped; and we are many!

We ARE the Many!

Daniel 6:25, 26; Matthew 6:13 all people, nations, and languages,
that dwell in all the Earth;
Peace be multiplied to you.

... For He IS The Living GOD, .
and Steadfast for ever,
and His Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed,
and His Dominion shall Be even to the end.

And Jesus Praying:
... And Lead us not into temptation, but Deliver us from evil:

... For Yours IS The Kingdom, and The Power, and The Glory, for ever.


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