"My Hollywood"

"Woman Of The Year"

May, 2005-2007

Pastor Gerry M. Kaye

"My Hollywood" began in the 1940s, with the likes of "The Perils of Pauline", "White Christmas",
'"The Bells Of Saint Mary", "The Last of The Mohicans",  "Rhapsody In Blue"; and Grandpa,
smilingly taking me by the hand to see
"The Wizard of Oz" at the little Harmony Theater, down the street.
There was a lot of singing and dancing in the movies in those days;
and smoking and heavy drinking, intrigue, innocent romance and illicit affairs;
and sometimes thinly veiled and scandalous, sensationalized and shocking adultery
among the idolized movie stars.

Yet, the magnetic attraction continued, as droves of people all over the world flocked to the escape,

glamour and wonder of it all, ...so different from what seemed mundane, ordinary life.
To the straight laced, Hollywood movies were viewed as detrimentally hypnotic,
lastingly influential to the innocent and unworldly;
yet no one could deny the intensity and inspiration of those special and memorable moments
that cropped up now and then, for many, fulfilling a need for escapism through fantasy, that seemed
to justify the money and time spent in rapt, attentive fascination of the moving picture on the big screen.
One lastingly special movie moment, is the wedding scene in "Woman of The Year"
starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Hepburn played a successful, working wife
whose marriage to Tracy was crumbling for lack of attention, to her budding
realization and dismay; and who was superlative at being tearfully, ...
...deeply moved by the marriage ceremony at her father's late-in-life wedding:

Dearly Beloved,
We are gathered here together in the Sight of GOD,
in the face of this company,
to join together this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony,
which is an honorable estate, Instituted of GOD,
and therefore, is not by any
to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly;

but reverently, discreetly, soberly, and in the fear of GOD.
You are performing an act of utter faith,
believing in one another to the end; ...

as the bride gives herself to the bridegroom,
let him be to her, father and mother,
sister and brother,
and most sacred husband.

As he gives himself to her,
let the bride inspire and sustain him;
let her unite with him in all the experiences of life
in which their paths shall lead;
the great moments and the small ones,
that the joys of each shall be the joys of both,
and the sorrows of each, the sorrows of both.

If you wish your new estate to be touched with lasting beauty,
cherish those gracious visions of your first love,
let them not be blurred by the common events of life.

Be not moved in your devotion.
Believe in the ideal you selected once,
it still exists, it is the final truth.

Will you have this woman as your wedded wife,
to live together in GOD's Ordinance in the Holy State of Matrimony?
I do!

Will you have this man as your wedded husband,
to live together in GOD's Ordinance in the Holy State of Matrimony?
I do!

I now pronounce you man and wife.


There's something so indescribably wonderful about marriage, the "ideal";
it comes to us through GOD,
and I'm convinced that it needs to be learned, to be recognized, to be understood,
and to be cherished as one of life's greatest gifts.
The faithful giving of oneself to another, reciprocated with caring, loving regard
is a precious, lasting, fulfillingest of events.

But, it is not always so easily and fortunately attainable.

That beautiful love, actually mirrors the Love that GOD has for us, ...
... for He IS the True First Love by which all True Love originates.

I believe that His Love Is Constant and Attainable when learned, when recognized,
when understood, and when cherished.

And as in all good and precious things,
never to be taken for granted.
May the great Love of your life, be that which Gives you life,
... and that which you carefully give, now and forever,




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