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Mar. 21, 2010 - House democrats, swooning and cooing, congratulating themselves, parading in front of the tv cameras, patting themselves on the back for the legislative, juvenile debacle they just staged for all the world to see.

Almost as sickeningly sweet as the 'sweetheart deals' - bribes - glossy deceptions ("for the 'merican people") that it took to get the Healthbill passed.

Next the question is: what are they going to do now about the 'intense stink,' emanating from seriously polluted, globally toxic Washington DC?

Let's hope they included plenty of money in the bill for tons of air wick.

Now, that's their hope and change we could believe in!


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AUL Legal Team: Why the Executive Order Does Not Prevent Taxpayer Funded Abortion
Mar. 22, 10 - Americans United For Life Legal Team is working on legislation for states to opt out of federal pro abortion mandates.
The White House’s proposed executive order to “deal” with the abortion problems in the Senate health care reform bill reveals
that the President will not even attempt to ensure that there is no federal funding for abortion or mandates for abortion coverage in the bill.
Running Roughshod,” “Devious Ways,” "Chicago Politics," "Bribery For Votes," "Failed Promises," "Downright Arrogant," "Unconstitutional," "Sweetheart Deals"
"What Abortion,?" "False Economy/ Deficit Claims," "Bizarre Trainwreck," "Back Room Deals," "Socialized Medicine," "Desperation," "Constituents' Rage," "DC Corruption.."
You name it, it's out there in the swamp, with Obamacare.
“So you have a case here of the majority party not listening to the American people, deciding on their own that they’ve got an opportunity, because
they have the presidency and a majority, to do anything they want to do, and they don’t mind running roughshod over the American people.."- Sen. Chuck Grassley

 Political Cartoon by Bob Gorrell

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Rep. Bart Stupak - "The Pres. will sign an "Extensive Executive Order" To Prohibit Federal Funding of Abortion In Health Bill; Will Vote "Yes."
This is drawing much criticism as being a false guarantee for the sanctity of life in the legislation.
Engage Your Congressmembers With Your Opinions On Obama HealthCare Proposal:
 Online- Contact your Senators and  House of Representatives: Click On: Find By "State."
Paul Ryan: Obamacare will cost more than CBO estimates
Rep Paul Ryan R/WI gives us detailed information of how and why the health care reform bill will cost taxpayers more money.
"...Obamacare will cost 2.4 trillion when its fully phased in...."Video  Interview

Thousands of Tea Partiers At Capitol to Congress: "Say no to health care!"
Mar. 20, 2010 - As the debate rages on, Tea Party protesters by the thousands against "Obamacare"urge undecided lawmakers to vote "no."
Obamacare Grants IRS Perilous Power -  GOP Report
The Internal Revenue Service would gain sweeping new powers under President Obama's healthcare reform proposals, in a "dangerous
expansion" of IRS powers, in a GOP Report. Among the new powers the IRS would assume, the report says: The authority to confiscate
tax refunds, to impose fines of over $2,200 per taxpayer, and to verify whether taxpayers' health insurance coverage is "acceptable."

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